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PoliticsGirl is ready to expand! Help us grow our team and let this passionate, slightly mouthy woman continue to break down the issues and motivate the country to live up to its potential. America is worth saving. Allow us to continue to play our part. xo PG

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We love and respect your passion for democracy, and want to continue to make the best content possible, to hold our leaders accountable, and get America back on a path we can all be proud of, but we can’t continue this work without your support. 
We’ve taken the project as far as we can alone, and while we’re in the exciting position of being ready to grow, if we’re going to continue to bring you this level of work, we can’t do it without your help. Altruism is great but it doesn’t pay the bills. We’re competing against fully funded newsrooms and newspapers and, hopefully, bringing you something equally, if not more, worthwhile. This project is just me and my husband. Everything you see is the work of 2 people. From the research and the writing, to the production and the editing, it’s just me and Sean. From the beginning I was determined to stay independent. I believe one of the things that makes us special is that we don’t answer to anyone. Not a network. Not a board. Not a collection of advertisers. And because of that we can tell you the truth. We can say what needs to be said, and we have the freedom to set our own agenda.
America is at a crossroads, and we believe independent voices are more essential than ever if we’re going to fix what’s broken. After three years of work I hope we’ve created something of value that you would want to support. If you feel we offer something worthwhile, help us build it into something even better by supporting our work and becoming PoliticsGirl Premium subscriber. 
Your help will allow us to bring on additional editors, build a graphics team and honestly, just make it possible to continue doing what we do, educating and inspiring the country to become it’s best self.
A PG Premium membership will give you access to ad-free episodes, exclusive merch, hosted Q&A’s, and the opportunity for in-person meet & greets.
It’s expensive to not sell out. You’ll be making it possible.

Here’s to you. To us. To this wonderful country. 
xo PG
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